This site is nowhere near complete, but you'll find everything you need to make a snap judgment about what we do. All I can say is, we're veterans of a gazillion gigs, and we love to trot this band out for our own musical soul salvation.

Michael Hatfield Vibraphone Quartetvibequartet

Well, sometime people get overwhelmed with all the big instruments and the unorthodox way it all looks. So I still love to get out and play in the good old quartet format for some serious standard swinging, and chasing after Pat Metheny covers, alongside a pile of my own tunes. We even dress up. But not in this photo, for that, you'll need the photo page.

The lineup:

Well, me. Then I really love a guitarist, electric bassist and drums for my money. Everybody knows their job, and yet everything could almost stop, and music continues with just one guy. It's just a lovely dance, and there are only some many guys that are comfortable doing that kind of dancing. Kinda like tango meets cha-cha with some hip-hop funk sauce. Did I say that?

Our Instruments:

I thought I made that clear.... Oh, I guess it's OK to throw in a sax or something...


This band works more because it's almost normal. Almost.

Can we hear some tracks?

OK, for some live action, go here: Vibe Quartet