This recording features some Mallet Band stalwarts, including myself, Michael Hatfield, along with Tommy Kesecker, Tom Miller, Jim Munzenrider and Curt Moore.

How Far Is It?howfarisitcover

The Mallet Band's latest recording came about in a very revolutionary way. Hatfield called up the guys, said "We're making a record, everybody write something so we don't have to pay royalties." So everyone got busy writing fresh copy or fixing up old original tunes that were homeless.

Why that title?

Well, everyone showed up at the session with a tune about how far something was....

Why is it serendipitous that the tune "tres nicoise" is on the CD?

Uh, Tom Miller hadn't titled his tune, we recorded it, went out to lunch, and discovered we had all ordered the Nicoise Salad. Well, at least three of us did. Hence, the title. Total synchronicity, that's the Mallet Band.

What's up with the tune "mallette tango"?

I wanted some sort of a tango on the CD and scoured the 'net to see if "mallette" actually meant something. Not really.

Then there's "Tico-Taco Too"-- the story, please...

I had in mind a Guatemalan Marimba Band feel, and so I wrote a beautiful, brisk piece in "C" that none of us could play, except for Tom Miller. (We'll discuss that later) After slinking home with my tail between my legs, I came back with a new, improved tune in "G" that actually flew. (It's amazing what one sharp can do to your ego, and I will say my former instructor, Gary Burton, had warned me about the perils of C major and a mallet instrument)

Can we hear some tunes?

Sure! Go here: How Far MP3 Page