This site is nowhere near complete, but you'll find everything you need to make a snap judgment about what we do. All I can say is, we're veterans of a gazillion gigs, and we love to trot this band out for our own musical soul salvation.

Welcome to the Mallet Band

The Mallet Band resides in San Francisco, and we've had many members over the years. The only prerequsite for membership is that you must take delight in beating on wooden and metal objects with mallets, and read the funny little notes the other members have written.

Our Mission Statement:

First, you must laugh as you haul your overly large intrument to the gig or rehearsal. Then you must laugh at everyone else's playing when they miss your funny little notes that you have so carefully laid on the page. Lastly, you must laugh at yourself when you miss the notes that your fellow Mallet Band members have written for you.

If you accept our mission statement, and then you actually play the notes right, you may then laugh some more.

Our Instruments:

We accept almost anything marimba-like, and we use them all to play our songs... Steel drums, or pans, are accepted, but you first have to play "Joy Spring" in all keys while Tom Miller watches. Then, you don't have to be a four mallet player to play bass marimba, but you must be able to play everyone's elses's instrument with the exception of Tom Miller's pans. (I personally don't go near the things...) Vibraphone, xylophone, orchestra bells and marimbas of all sorts are the weapons of choice. Oh, yeah, and a drummer. Who doubles on everything.


I started this band to have fun playing the instruments I love, and also to force all of us to write new music. Or at least, take our old compositions out of the closest, dust them off and put a new coat of paint on 'em....